Code Conduct

 We understand that no one document can list the appropriate behaviour for every situation, which is why our code of conduct is intended as a guideline for students, teachers and administrative staff.

•    Students must, at all times, carry themselves with respect and act sensibly. They must treat their peers, teachers, staff and visitors with courtesy and consideration
•    Disciplined behaviour is also expected at school campus, in classrooms, on excursions, school meets, athletic events - and any other school outing. Any improper behaviour should be reported to teachers.
•    On par with our standards for student behaviour is our standard for their appearance. Students are expected to be well groomed and adhere to the dress code required by their schedule.
•    We expect our entire school community to make every effort to attend all days of class. Students will have to submit a written notice from a parent or guardian to explain any unexcused absenteeism.
•    Our school does not tolerate rude, offensive language and obscene gestures under any circumstance, even if students are angry. Verbal abuse generally leads to violence; therefore, it is treated as a serious offence.
•    As a last resort, the Headmaster reserves the right to take action against students with consultation of SMC if they demonstrate a constant disregard for our code of conduct.